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HMRC Investigations


HMRC Investigations

Since the introduction of self-assessment for both individuals and companies HMRC are able to focus their resources on ensuring that these returns are correct with the result the tax investigations are now more frequent.  An investigation can be triggered by a number of factors from simply omitting something from your return, a dramatic change in your income from one year to the next or HMRC targeting a specific area such as property income, and sometimes it is simply completely random. But whatever has brought you to the attention of HMRC, one thing is certain and that is that an enquiry can be a very stressful and potentially time consuming experience.

We have experience with dealing with a variety of HMRC investigations from business activities to tax personal affairs as well as more specific areas such as employer related investigations into PAYE or P11d compliance.  So if you have receive a letter from HMRC before you do anything else please seek professional advice and let us help and support you.


Fee protection scheme

The amount of work involved in dealing with an HMRC enquiry can vary significantly, from a single letter to a complex investigation lasting months with HMRC asking for more and more information where the costs can soon mount up. All our clients have the peace of mind of being included in our fee protection scheme which ensures if they are targeted by HMRC then they are protected from the associated but unexpected professional fees.


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